A Brief History Of Devon MD

Devon Medical Products, a global manufacturer, designer, and distributor of medical devices. Devon Medical Products was founded in 2005 and originally sold hypodermic needles, safety syringes, and other medical supplies. Today the company distributes various medical products for neurosurgery, venous insufficiency, the treatment of diabetes, and more. Dr. John A. Bennett, M.D., a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” founded the Devon International Group (DIG) in 2006 as means of tying together various related companies headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. For over 35 years Dr. John A. Bennett has pursued his entrepreneurial spirit by building businesses across multiple industries, leading C-suite executives to success and engaging with industry and community leaders. He actively pursues opportunities that are on forefront of change in the healthcare marketplace through advanced technology, software development and innovative testing. Dr. Bennett is a Board Member of American Medical Technologies (AMT), the Caron Foundation, Eagleville Hospital, World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia and Chair of the WTCGP China Club.

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